Clean Planet offers our clients exceptional value at affordable prices. We use and make available to you the best, safest cleaning products on the planet. Our products are organic, fragrance-free, and stainless. The benefits you will have using our service are: you will save your time, money, and improve your health and the way you live.

We understand that having a company you can trust to clean your home or business result in healthy living and healthier relationships.

Our company has built our reputation on being reliable and trustworthy and our employees always work as a team to get the job done. We conduct background checks on all of our employees to ensure you are receiving the best quality of service.

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We guarantee satisfaction of our services or we will re-clean within 48 hours. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate our customers.


Case Study #1

Studies have shown that the quality of the air we breathe in our homes continues to deteriorate. Homes today are built so air-tight that any air that gets in – good or bad – has difficult time getting out, making all your housekeeping practices more important.

Animal dander is a primary cause of indoor allergies and asthmatic reactions, and it is not limited to animal fur. Deep cleaning for pet owners is essential to ensure that all pet related allergens are efficiently removed from their homes.